22Feet Tribal & Script Room collaborate for Mobil

25 Nov,2021

By our Staff


Mobil has rolled out a short film to connect with its audiences. It celebrates the journey of a trucker. The film is titled Sonu Tey Pappa Di Gaddi. Rajesh Ramaswamy (Ramsam), also Co-Founder of The Script Room, has directed the film.


Said Ramsam, Director of the film & Co-Founder, The Script Room: “This was a dream project for The Script Room. A great opportunity for a writers’ hub where writing was at the heart of it. With lots of scope to explore a story, screenplay, characters, dialogues, lyrics and at the same time bring in our brand expertise. And it was great fun and a learning experience to interact with the creative folks at 22Feet, which is something we are keen on. To collaborate with different minds to create beautiful stories. And separately as a director I got the opportunity to explore a long format project which was a great experience.”


Added Mansoor Jamal, DDB 22Feet Tribal: “Truckers in India are always seen as people who are intimidating on road rushing to move things from Point A to B and sometimes even from their close ones. Nobody looks up to a trucker. And unfortunately not many know of their personal struggles and sacrifices they make. We wanted to tell their story through this film. And we found the perfect partner in The Script Room to collaborate and make this happen. Ramsam, UJ and the team at The Script Room saw the idea we had, and elevated it to flesh out the whole film. It was an absolute pleasure working with them.”


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