Sanjeev Kotnala: UpGrad gets it right!

06 Oct,2021

By Sanjeev Kotnala


Sanjeev KotnalaYou can’t but love these new TVCs from UpGrad. Covid has done a lot to online education and its acceptance in the employment market. Candidates are regularly asked if they have invested in keeping themselves future-proof and have they acquired additional qualifications, certifiable knowledge and skill set.


At the same time, there are memes and comments primarily on social media as to the potential damage and harm from online education. Some of these memes are, in fact, a reflection of reality. And the batch of 2021 and 2022 may suffer from it.


So, it was obvious for UpGrad to identify this barrier. However, the way ‘The Womb’ has treated the campaign ‘fast forward your career with online courses from UpGrad‘ is simple, straight, engaging and entertaining.



The approach is simple. It is the career journey of three college friends – two male and one female. One of them, the lady, has used UpGrad to upgrade her qualification and knowledge set. The film shows how a lady is now joining the company, where the two males are already employed. And she is going to be their boss- why? Because she upgraded herself with online education.



I always like a brand to take the story forward. In this case, the whole episode of her interaction with her batchmates while she joins as their boss has that degree of innocent discovery, explanation, friendship and closure with acceptance. And there is an inbuilt message that UpGrad works even in the higher edtech needs.


Will such communication build in some preference or premium for the brand is tough to say. Perhaps, it will broaden the awareness funnel and UpGrad will be searched and compared  before making a decision on online education.



Will currently employed candidates use it to expand their potential and possibility, or will the inertia remain. We will all soon learn. However, I know many who have used the Covid periods and WFH  in adding certificates to their resume. Thus not only demonstrating their zeal to learn but also expanding the opportunities.



We know that despite online getting a boost and expanding the horizon, it still needs to impress the recruitment circuit. After all, it is the alumni who make the institute. Meanwhile, on the site you get confidence boosting figures with a line that one has heard many times. Over two lakh registered learners. Highest salary offered 73 Lakh LPA, 50% average salary hike and 300+hiring partners and 700+ industry experts!


The current set of films leaves the story tantalisingly poised with multiple possibilities that further make the point. Is that time for UpGrade to even try some UGC!


Here is my favourite for a sequential storytelling: Tata Sky ka Chota Recharge



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