Republic partners with BeatO to control diabetes

19 Oct,2021

By Our Staff


Republic Media Network and BeatO has launched a nationwide mass awareness programme tited ‘India Beats Diabetes’. This is to build awareness and empower people living with Type 2 diabetes to control the condition, and start a journey of remission and reversal.


Speaking on the initiative with BeatO, Arnab Goswami, Managing Director & Editor-in-Chief, Republic Media Network said: “The prevalence of diabetes in India is enormous. The general awareness of the condition in the country is low, which results in a significant effect on the number of complications that people experience. There is an urgency for a sustained conversation on this subject; creating awareness on diabetes and the necessary measures required to battle it. ”


Commenting on the partnership, Gautam Chopra, Co-founder & CEO, BeatO added: “Diabetes impacts 200 million Indians today, and puts immense pressure on our healthcare system. We must ensure healthcare becomes more inclusive, affordable, and accessible. The only way we can achieve this is through technology. At BeatO, our vision is to support every Indian family to beat diabetes. BeatO gives the power to prevent, control, and reverse diabetes into the hands of millions of Indians. We do this through our smartphone-connected glucometer and app that provides personalized insights and timely guidance by medical experts. This partnership with Republic will help us bring the same in-depth knowledge and expertise in diabetes care, control, and reversal (Type 2 diabetes) to empower people across the country to manage the condition.”


Said Yash Sehgal, Co-founder & COO, BeatO: “At BeatO, we are working to alleviate the burden of chronic diseases to make sure India Beats Diabetes. Today when we face unprecedented challenges in the health sector, we at BeatO are taking diabetes management one step further and are now able to offer highly personalized care for Type 2 Diabetes reversal – which addresses the root cause of diabetes- insulin resistance and carb intolerance. We look forward to working with Republic Media Network to create nationwide awareness about diabetes management and drive better health outcomes for the nation.”


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