Ranveer Singh raps for CoinSwitch Kuber

14 Oct,2021

By Our Staff


The Script Room has developed and executed CoinSwitch Kuber’s ‘Kuch Toh Badlega’ Campaign with actor Ranveer Singh . Planned around the cricket season, Kuch Toh Badlega comes as a set of three films slated to go on air around IPL & T20 World Cup. The films will also be released digitally.


Speaking about the campaign, Ramsam, Co-founder, The Script Room said: ”The world of crypto remains largely unexplored. There is still a lot of scepticism surrounding it. The adopters seem to be the more adventurous. While we wanted to invite a larger set of users we still wanted to keep it new age and not fall into the traditional codes of advertising to gain that trust. Ranveer was that right balance. Of adventure and credibility. We saw a great refreshing opportunity in pitching it in this world of him and his gully boys. This is our fastest campaign ever. From cracking it to getting it approved and getting Ranveer on board, everyone involved didn’t take much to be convinced. We’re pretty excited with the outcome”


Added Swati Pincha, Head of Growth at CoinSwitch: “It is an exciting time to be in crypto and the onboarding Ranveer Singh is one of the many steps we are taking to reach out to the millennial audience. Kuch Toh Badlega taps into the popularity Ranveer enjoys, and in essence, is a war cry to get Indians to join the crypto revolution. The enthusiasm Ranveer exudes is the attitude we are trying to infuse into the young crypto ecosystem. We also believe Ranveer’s authenticity will help instil trust into this new asset class and encourage wider acceptance and understanding. We want to give the opportunity to millennials and Gen Z consumers to make money and work towards financial well-being equal for all through crypto.”


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