Kantar brings AI-based creative testing to digital video adverts

07 Oct,2021

By Our Staff


Kantar, the data-driven analytics and brand solution company, has announced the global launch of Digital Video AI, a fully AI-powered tool that predicts the performance of digital video advertising. Building on the launch of Link AI for TV advertising in 2020, Digital Video AI is a creative measurement tool designed to evaluate online video ads against the behavioural and creative metrics that drive sales and build long-term brand equity.


Unilever partnered with Kantar through the development of Digital Video AI and has tested hundreds of ads on the platform to improve their performance against their effectiveness and ROI goals.


Said Neha Sharma, Global Brand Engagement Lead, Unilever:  “At Unilever we consider ourselves to be pioneers in pre-testing in the creative development process. Digital Video AI enabled us make quick decisions, pick from our best creatives, test video edits and even measure competitor campaigns with speed and at scale.”


Added Dinesh Gopinath, Global Head of Product for Kantar’s Analytics practice. “Our research* shows that 49% of advertisers plan to increase the use of AI solutions to evaluate creative. Our goal is to transform the creative process, leveraging AI and other advanced technologies to maximise effectiveness.  We appreciate Unilever’s longstanding strategic partnership and participation in this innovation journey. Worth almost half a trillion dollars this year, digital ads will account for more than 60% of total ad spend**. Digital Video AI is a great new way to make smarter and faster decisions to optimise digital video’s contribution to marketing and business goals.”


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