Roopam Garg is CEO, Dentsu X India. No Divya Karani hasn’t gone anywhere

17 Sep,2021

By Our Staff


We may be sounding cheeky with our headline, but that was the first impulse reacton to the subject when the release hit our inboxes today. Not without reason, as the India offices of Dentsu India have seen some significant changes in the recent past.  Deep cleaning, if one could call it.


Well, so, yes, Karani is very much around of course. But the agency has now announced that Roopam Garg, COO of Dentsu X (dX) India, will be its all-new CEO. Garg has been COO for five years.


Garg will continue to report into Karani, who is currently CEO, Media – South Asia but is being tipped to assume a more dominant group responsibility.


Commenting on the elevation, Karani said, “We are living in exciting times, with many new progress prospects ahead of us. Dentsu X currently holds an enviable position in the industry. I’m confident that under Roopam’s leadership and his intuitive ability to assemble highly motivated teams, the best days are yet to come.”


Elaborating on his role, Garg added, “Dentsu X’s stature and growth is a result of our data-driven design, our commitment to deliver ‘experience beyond exposure’, and our deep client-agency partnership in effecting business outcomes. Along with our team, I look forward to accelerating our growth momentum.”


Dentsu X, like parent Dentsu, lowercases the ‘d’, but as a policy, MxM doesn’t do it if it’s the first alphabet in the word/name. For not just Dentsu, for other brands/organisations as well. Like the u in UdChalo.


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