Mcaffeine personal care brand launches new campaign

15 Sep,2021

By Our Staff


Shruti Hassan, and Vikrant Massey for their upcoming campaign.


Commenting on the association, Tarun Sharma, CEO & Co-Founder, Mcaffeine, said: “We are overjoyed to welcome Radhika, Vikrant and Shruti to our world of caffeinated goodness. Given the rising awareness about personal care, with our ‘Addicted To Good’ campaign, we aim to emphasize the benefits of our hero ingredient and solidify Mcaffeine’s position as India’s most favourite cafThe proposition comes from the human insight that we are essentially creatures of habit that favor repetition. A single good habit can often lead to another, starting a chain of goodness. Armed with all the goodness of caffeine, Mcaffeine  wants to get its users similarly ‘Addicted to Good’. Representing the young and energetic go-getters who the brand’s products are made for, the three ambassadors will share the goodness of caffeine with everyone – along with the good that the brand does at large.”


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