DDB Mudra steps up shopping experience for Meesho

24 Sep,2021

By Our Staff


Meesho, the  online shopping platform, has launched the Sahi Sahi Lagaya Hain campaign to appeal to shoppers across Tier 2+ markets. The campaign highlights how customers can access a wide selection of quality, unbranded products at the right price from the Meesho app.


Speaking on the campaign’s value proposition, Megha Agarwal, Vice President & General Manager Growth at Meesho said: “The core concept revolves around the ‘right value’ of a product that users often look for. True ‘value’ means having the right selection of quality products and at the right price. Over the years, we have made this a reality for our users. With industry-first initiatives like 0% commission, Meesho has become the lowest-cost channel for sellers. In turn, they are able to ensure the lowest prices for users on the platform. We are committed to enabling online success for millions of sellers, entrepreneurs, and customers, even from the remotest town in the country.”


Added Pallavi Chakravarti, Creative Head – West, DDB Mudra: “Shopping online is an experience replete with many things – a discount here, an offer there, a new range elsewhere – and we noticed that people are always locked in a struggle between ‘I paid more for this’ and ‘I paid less for that’. That’s how we hit upon the proposition for Meesho’s latest campaign  -on this platform, it’s never about less or more. It’s always about paying the RIGHT price. Using a bargain hunter’s lexicon to bring this thought alive, we created a campaign that we believe does justice to what Meesho does – marrying the offline world with the brand’s online offering, but more importantly, telling a consumer what’s in it for her or him, in an engaging manner.”


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