All Indians Matter completes 100 episodes

03 Sep,2021

By Our Staff


The All Indians Matter podcast, hosted by senior journalist and communications leader Ashraf Engineer and managed by IdeaBrew Studios, will publish its 100th episode on September 4. The podcast, launched on Independence Day Eve last year (2020), publishes two episodes a week – a conversation with an expert on an issue on Wednesdays and solo commentary by Engineer on Saturdays.


Said Engineer, who has also written on MxMIndia in the past: “In today’s times, audiences need a sane, clear voice that explains how national issues affect their lives every day. For instance, if the GDP-to-government debt ratio is high, how does it affect the common man’s budget? Or, if new farm laws are passed, what does it mean for prices of essentials and food security? People need clarity, someone to make sense of events for them. Unburdened by the organisational priorities of large media houses, independent media is uniquely placed to do this. The success of the All Indians Matter podcast is testimony to this,” said Engineer.


Added Aditya Kuber, co-founder of IdeaBrew Studios, which manages 86 shows now: “All Indians Matter was the first of our podcasts to go live. We believe strongly in the concept. It now has a dedicated and growing audience, which only underscores how much the demand for high-quality news-related content is expanding. It is attracting significant advertiser interest too. It’s a matter of pride that the podcast is 100 episodes old and we look forward to the next 100.”


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