75% marketers expect increase in mobile budgets…

28 Sep,2021


MMA in collaboration with WARC has unveiled a new report titled ‘The Use of Mobile in Digital Marketing Mix’. The study analyses mobile marketing capabilities, growth in m-commerce and social marketing, and impact of technologies such as AI, IoT, ML & voice on improving marketing efficiency.


Key highlights include:

• Two third (69%) marketers have adopted mobile-first approach – a 10% increase since 2020 demonstrating mobile marketing’s growing position in the greater modern marketing picture


• 55% marketers use engagement metrics followed by business metrics (51%) to measure mobile effectiveness in 2021


• 75% marketers are expecting an increase in mobile budgets in 2021 – a 20% increase since 2020 led by social media and m-commerce technologies


• Social media leads in marketers’ (86%) strategy, followed by mobile web display (50%) and in-app display (47%). 56% Indian consumers engage with social media ads – highest amongst any country.


• 89% respondents agree that mobile plays a significant role in purchase journey. With e-commerce boom, 82% marketers have accelerated their m-commerce capabilities and 81% are embarking on shoppable media which is becoming a business avenue


• 62% marketers believe that ‘death of cookie’ will significantly impact marketing strategies. Furthermore, ad fraud continues to hinder mobile growth for 33% marketers followed by consumer privacy concerns and metrics (25%)


• Nearly 37% marketers are spending more than a quarter of their budget in martech, while 35% are spending less than 10%


• With 37% marketers using AI & ML capabilities in 2021 – 42% expect these to be the top technologies over the next two years, followed by IoT (25%) and voice (24%)


Key Takeaways from the report:

1. Brand awareness is the most common key objective when running mobile marketing campaigns in India. As for marketing channels, TV and display are considered the most effective channels when run alongside mobile.

2. Social is the most used and most prioritised channel for mobile marketing. Nearly nine-tenths (86%) of respondents are using social in their mobile marketing strategy. YouTube, LinkedIn and Facebook are the biggest platforms for display marketing, while Twitter and Instagram are dominating partnership and sponsorship marketing.

3. Marketing professionals in India are expecting mobile budget growth this year. Three in four (75%) are expecting their mobile budget to increase this year. Last year, just over half said the same (55%).

4. Mobile commerce has been accelerated due to the pandemic. Four in five (82%) marketers have experienced improved m-commerce capabilities and just under half (46%) of Indian marketers have named commerce via mobile devices as the most significant consumer behaviour in 2021.

5. The cookie-death will have a significant effect on the marketing industry. Even though the end of the thirdparty cookie has been delayed, three in five marketers are predicting an impact to their business from its ‘death’.

6. The future of mobile technology seeks to connect the online and offline, particularly through AI and machine learning, IoT and voice. Respondents are investing significant budget into mobile martech to ensure they keep up with the latest innovations in the industry, especially as interest in AI grows.

Click here for the full report

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