Ormax Media launches celebrity selection tool for marketers

11 Aug,2021

By Our Staff


Media consulting firm Ormax Media has launched its celebrity endorsement selection tool Ormax Celeble. The tool will help brand owners select a brand endorser whose profile and personality matches the desired brand personality the best.


With a database on personality traits of more than 500 celebrities, Ormax Celeble uses analytics to help brands identify the celebrities that fit their brand’s desired profile the best, enabling them to make smart brand endorser choices.


Speaking about Ormax Celeble, Shailesh Kapoor, Founder & CEO – Ormax Media said: “There is enough research available Internationally to prove that a good brand endorser can help a brand grow significantly because of the association between the brand and the celebrity, while a poor choice of brand endorser will not just be a waste of money, but also potentially dangerous for brand development. In India, brand endorser decisions are largely driven by gut and even personal taste of brand owners, with very little relevant data backing such choices. Ormax Celeble is a data-centric analytics tool that can help look at their endorsement options that their gut will often miss. We have a huge database of more than 500 national and regional celebrities across domains for brands to tap into”.


Ormax Celeble is Ormax Media’s second tool for brand marketers. Ormax Mpact, launched in 2013, helps brand managers and media agencies evaluate the effectiveness and ROI of a high-impact campaign, marketing innovation or sponsorship.


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