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31 Aug,2021

By Indrani Sen


Indrani SenSara Lebow wrote in an article published on August 16, 2021 in that around the world over 60% of the Tokyo Olympic opening ceremony streaming time occurred on non-TV devices ( In fact, desktop computers and mobile phones between them captured a combined share of 54% of viewing time.



In developed countries today, TV is largely viewed as a declining medium. It is estimated that time spent on TV will continue to decline while time spent on digital video will increase over this decade. has recently reported that in US, the measurement agency Nielsen has been having issues with the Media Rating Council (MRC) and may soon lose its accreditation. An MRC review found that Nielsen underestimated viewers in the crucial 18-49 age group by 2 to 6% in February 2021. During the pandemic, Nielsen took a decision to not send their technicians to Nielsen family homes which apparently has caused further damage to its reporting standard.


There is a lot of speculations in US market that if Nielsen loses the prestigious contract of TV ratings measurement, then it may be a blessing in disguise for the TV industry. The move of ousting Nielsen may usher in alternative TV measurement methods with potential for upending the existing business models and advertising structures of network television in the US. Such a move may be able to arrest the downward trend in TV viewing and bring back lost advertisers to the medium.


In India, our TV industry is still in a comfortable situation where it will take long time before we start viewing it as a declining medium. However, it would be good to keep a close watch over the developments in the US market and learn about the changing business structure and introduce the same marketing practices in India without waiting for the declining trends.


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