Have a Grievance Against MxMIndia? Here’s What You Can Do

17 Aug,2021


By Team MxMIndia


At MxMIndia, we take our journalism very seriously. We are journalists, we are editorially-driven and uphold all that’s commonly perceived as journalistic ethics.


Right from the day we launched, September 9, 2011, we have been governed by a clear Code of Ethics and all our staff are signatories to it. We have a clearly laid out Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. In the Privacy Policy, we have clearly given the connect to a Grievance Officer. So, if anyone has had a problem with our content, there is a clear line for lodging a complaint.


We wrote about this a few weeks back, but we are repeating this to drive home the message.  At MxM, given that we carry a fair amount of commentary, and are often even critical of the powerful and the powers that be (including those from/at private and social establishments). It’s only fair, hence, that those who are aggrieved have a formal recourse. Rather than threaten to stop advertising or curtail access which some entities may threaten to do (or even do), we’ve encouraged people to write to us. And we’ve haven’t ever, shied from apologising if we’ve erred. We use the word ‘Apologise’ or ‘Sorry’ and not an impersonal ‘regret’.


MxMIndia is now a member of Digipub India, a representative body of digital publishers in the country (https://www.digipubindia.in/). As members, we have also said we will honour the Self-Regulatory Body that has been set up by the organisation. MxMIndia also submitted its ownership details to the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting as desired of all digital news publishers.


Digipub India has set up an internal committee to provide our members with an industry-wide level of self-regulation. The committee is constituted of individuals with an unimpeachable public service record and accomplishments. They are:


1. Former Supreme Court judge Justice Madan Lokur

2. Mr Jawhar Sircar, Retired Indian Civil Servant

3. Ms. Swarna Rajagopalan, Founder and Director, Prajnya Trust

4. Mr Bezwada Wilson, Activist and National Convenor, Safai Karmachari Andolan


If a complainant is dissatisfied with our (as in MxMIndia’s) grievance redressal procedure (write to editor(at)mxmindia.com), please reach out to Digipub’s grievance officer at the following address: selfregulatorybody(at)digipubindia.in.


We assure our readers, constituents and the ecosystem in general that we will honour the advice/decision of the Digipub Self-Regulatory Body.


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