Wunderman Thompson films for CenturyPly

20 Jul,2021

By Our Staff


CenturyPly boards has announced the launch of Century Promise app. The advertisement is conceptualised and created by Wunderman Thompson and produced by SVF Brands. The film features actors Rajat Kapoor and June Malia.


Speaking on the initiative Sanjay Agarwal, Managing Director, CenturyPly said: “ While CenturyPly has always been innovative in terms of developing new products, this time our focus was to channelize this innovation to consumer’s knowledge and awareness about safety of his money. It is alarming to see the rise of so many counterfeit plywood in the market. Gullible customers cannot differentiate between authentic and fake plywood and pay huge amounts on fake ones. With launch of Century Promise app, we truly say to customers ‘Raho Befikar’ as they can now make right informed decision while purchasing quality plywood.”



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