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30 Jul,2021

By Our Staff


Tata Tea Premium has launched two fresh films in its series of hyperlocal campaigns in continuation of its strategy of celebrating India’s rich cultural diversity and invoking regional pride. The new commercials are rooted in region-specific insights that reflect not just the true spirit of a region, but also the unique traits of its people.


The brand has previously released its hyper local campaigns in markets like Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, and Odisha. In continuation of its national restage campaign, Tata Tea Premium, Desh ki Chai, has made a revamped entry with separate advertisements for Maharashtra and Mumbai.


Talking about the new campaigns, Puneet Das, President – Packaged Beverages (India and South Asia), Tata Consumer Products said: “Tata Tea Premium’s expertise has always been catering to local taste preferences. Thus, we’ve always offered distinct blends meeting consumer’s taste preferences in various geographies across the country. This has made Tata Tea Premium one of the leading brands across India, and the Desh ki Chai in the truest sense of the term. The two new TVC’s made specially for the markets of Maharashtra & Mumbai are a step forward in our hyperlocal approach; Wherein we aim to celebrate regional pride with region specific packaging and a local communication lensed through a pertinent local insight showcasing the ‘insider’s perspective’, reflective of the true spirit of the region. While the Maharashtra film celebrates Marathi women for being Sarvguni, the Mumbai film salutes Mumbaikars for their Kadak Insaniyat . Both films aim to deepen the emotive connect the brand enjoys in these markets, in line with our over-arching strategy of celebrating regional pride and driving thought leadership”


Added Azazul Haque and Garima Khandelwal, CCOs at Mullen Lintas: “Doing a separate campaign for Maharashtra and Mumbai was a challenge as Mumbai is the capital of Maharashtra. But then Mumbai has its own identity. It has many personalities, characters and many stereotypes. But we thought nothing can make for a better stereotype than the professional, cold, bordering insensitive stereotype of Mumbai. While for Maharashtra, we thought celebrating the multifaceted aspect of the state would connect better with Maharashtrians. We wanted to celebrate the Marathi culture that values traditions and customs but also welcomes new thinking, is progressive and connected with the world., which makes it a Sarv Guna State. Just like Tata Tea Premium tea.”


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