Lead School rebrands as Lead

20 Jul,2021

By Our Staff


Lead School, an edtech player in the primary and secondary education (K-12) segment, has rebranded itself as Lead. The new logo captures the upward trajectory symbolising excellence and achievement for students, teachers and schools.


Said Lead co-founder and CEO Sumeet Mehta: “Whenever we talk to students, teachers, school owners and parents, one thing stands out – Lead propels them into a new world of opportunities! Today, Lead recommits to be a propulsive force in the lives of schools, students, teachers and parents. And our new brand identity reflects this commitment.”

Added Lead Chief Marketing Officer Anupam Gurani: “At Lead, we have always believed that learning should never stop. While we are constantly upgrading and evolving, our brand identity is a reflection of what we stand for. The Star burst formed with the letter ‘L’ is not only a universal symbol for success and excellence, but also represents ownership with the first letter of our brand. We stand for being Trustworthy, Confident, Fearless and Revolutionary and our new identity reflects these attributes.”

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