Kreativ Street campaigns for SBI to check internet troll

01 Jul,2021

By Our Staff


State Bank of India launched its #KindnessIsCool campaign to address the negativity and trolling on social media platforms. The campaign is curated by Gurugram-based integrated marketing agency, Kreativ Street.


Said Rana Ashutosh Kumar Singh, DMD (HR) & Corporate Development Officer, SBI: “State Bank of India has always been at the forefront for taking up initiatives that drive innovation and societal change. With the advent of social media, many users fond a convenient way to express themselves. While many use these platforms to interact, exchange ideas and share positive vibes, some choose to misuse the anonymity that these platforms offer and communicate in a negative and sometimes abusive manner. This is what made #KindnessIsCool a timely and much-needed campaign. Executed with the simple objective of making all of us introspect if our online persona is an accurate reflection of our true selves.”


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