India Today group gets set for launch of ‘Good News Today’ channel next month

19 Jul,2021

By Our Staff


The India Today group is putting finishing touches on an all-new channel that is to be called ‘Good News Today’ or GNT in short.


Although there is no official word from the India Today network, according to the grapevine, the channel will be launched in early August, pre-Independence Day. The content will be in Hindi, and and other than motivational, inspirational, spiritual content, it will also air what can be labelled ‘good news’ (current affairs-based), hopeful news (showcasing opportunities across genres from the country, like jobs, opportunities for unemployed-various options, financial information and opportunities etc), Bollywood and TV entertainment, comedy segment, empowering segment (in the interest of people), daily analysis show that is informative, shows around achievements and awards about historical facts, innovation, science etc around the country. There will also be content tracking the Indian armed forces.


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