Das ka Dum with Dr Bhaskar Das | 10 days still to go in the Olympics, but it’s sad to see India at #45 on the medals chart. Your sentiments? If you were given the responsibility of rehauling things, what would you do?

29 Jul,2021

Bhaskar DasHmm. Hmmm. There’s got to be some action on this front. So we asked Dr Bhaskar Das this question for the July 29 edition of Das ka Dum by Das ka Dum. Read on…


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Q. There are 10 days still to go in the ongoing Olympics, but it’s sad to see the secondmost populous country in the world at #45 on the medals chart (as at 12noon on July 29). Your sentiments? I know it’s not a marketing question, but if you were given the responsibility of rehauling things, what would you do?


A.There is no doubt that it’s quite challenging for the Olympics athletes this time. Let’s look at the sequence: there were 15 months of pandemic, the uncertainty of the game  actually taking place or not and then going  to Tokyo to a near-lockdown situation to participate in one of the toughest events in the world. It’s really a challenge of unprecedented magnitude. Beyond the physical game, the Olympics is also a mental game. It may be true for any game, but this time it’s tougher for all games including the Olympics. So kudos to the participants. It’s not about winning medals but the spirit that deserves a salute.


Coming to the mathematics of medals vis-a-vis the size of population, we need to create a separate model like a gold hunt. Here, the corporate sector can take responsibility of one sport item of Olympics and encourage the shortlisted participant  to devote full-time , without thinking of anything that comes in the way. If you look at some of the past winners, you would realise that many of them had fought with adverse circumstances but overcame them. Imagine if they and others would have been encouraged without any anxiety, the performance could have been excelled. I know it’s easier said than done but it’s just one of the suggestions. With collective calibration, we can find a more robust solution to increasing our overall medal tally.


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