WatConsult shoots Father’s Day film for SBI Life

21 Jun,2021

By Our Staff


SBI Life Insurance has launched a digital film to celebrate Father’s Day. Conceptualised by WatConsult, the digital film showcases a bond between a father and a young boy.


Said Ravindra Sharma, Chief of Brand, Corporate Communication & CSR, SBI Life:, “While men have been consistently taking up household responsibilities as an intrinsic part of their lives, the pandemic and lockdowns have brought to focus, the lesser spoken role of fathers, owning up responsibilities over and above family duties. Our Father’s Day film, in essence, is an insight that is being widely observed in the Indian households today, wherein families are extending help to people unconditionally. SBI Life’s #PapaHainNa campaign is a hat tip to fathers who are actively contributing towards bringing about a societal change.”


Added Heeru Dingra, CEO, WatConsult: “SBI Life’s digital property, #PapaHainNa, has been celebrating the spirit of a father’s love since 2015. This Father’s Day, the brand continues to live up to the tradition with yet another heart-warming campaign focusing on a father’s commitment to protect. Fathers are rightly titled as superheroes because they inevitably save the day. Hence, brands have leveraged this beautiful father-child bonding concept extensively. However, this campaign is so much more. It’s bound to leave our viewers speechless, courtesy the unexpected twist.”


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