Sachin Tendulkar has a special message for World Environment Day

07 Jun,2021

By Our Staff


Luminous Power Technologies has launched a campaign for World Environment Day with a special message global restoration. The campaign is conceptualized by AutumnGrey and has the voice over by Sachin Tendulkar urging viewers to begin a journey of rebuilding the world. The #ShuruvaatEkNayiDuniyaKi initiative emphasises use of sustainable energy with its Solar range and energy efficient appliances.


Said Sachin Bhalla, Sr. Vice President, Luminous Power Technologies: “At Luminous, we pride ourselves in creating sustainable solutions like Solar, energy-efficient fans, and LED bulbs. The occasion of World Environment Day gave us the opportunity to repledge our commitment into fighting climate change. And with that, asking our consumers to join us in the mission of #GlobalRestoration.”


Added Swati Balani, Executive Creative Director : “With these thought-provoking words narrated by Sachin, we want to remind our audiences how a new sustainable world is within our reach. While the conversations about climate change seem overwhelming to many, we show our audience how small actions by you and me are all what it takes to restore the world!”


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