Rediffusion files trademark for ‘Postalgia’

01 Jun,2021

By Our Staff


Sandeep Goyal is at the helm and it’s raining communiques and announcements. The Rediffusion Consumer Lab (Red Lab) has coined a new word, Postalgia, or nostalgia in the future tense or ‘post-nostalgia’. It has filed a trademark on the usage of the word.


Said Navonil Chatterjee, Head of Red Lab and the person who coined the term: “Postalgia is a new pandemic-driven twist to the traditional concept of nostalgia. We at Red Lab observed this trend of consumers today wanting the future to reflect their pandemic-freepast, and came up with the term postalgia to describe it. If nostalgia is for the past or the ‘pre’, postalgia is all about the future or the ‘post’. Hence the coinage.”


Added Goyal, who is Managing Director of Rediffusion Brand Solutions: “Trademarking of ‘postalgia’ is just to ensure that Rediffusion and Red Lab are credited for the coinage. We will otherwise encourage its widespread media usage, and its usage by brands. Red Lab is dedicated to greater understanding of consumer behaviour, and to sharing key insights with our clients and peers.”


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