MxM Offer: 50% discount on ad hoc ads if marketing team is fully vaccinated

10 Jun,2021


By Your Team @ MxM


Vaccination is key to curb the spread of Covid-19 as also reduce the risks that a virus attack could have on one. However, there are also many who are hesitant about taking a jab, and, sadly, there also exist several anti-vaxxers.


In an effort to encourage and incentivise vaccination in the A&M and M&E sectors, MxMIndia will offer a special rate for advertising (on MxM) in the form of ad hoc mailers and site captures from June 11 to July 10, 2021.


Here’s how: Just make a self-declaration of how many members of your marketing team have taken at least one jab. We don’t need proof… we trust you.


If the team size is 8, and all 8 have taken at least one jab, we will offer a 50% discount on all ad hoc activity – mailers, site captures and banner ads. By ad hoc we mean advertising that is outside of annual deals or longish campaigns. If 90% of the staff have taken at least one jab, we’ll offer a 45% discount. And so on. If the team size is two, and only one colleague has taken a shot, we will offer a 25% cut.


Is this a gimmick? It may seem like one, but it isn’t. We have been thinking about it for a while, and firmly believe that the solution to the current problem of the Covid-19 spread is masking, distancing, hygiene and vaccination. This is just a move to incentivise the vaccination process in organisations in a sector we are associated with.


Over the years, MxMIndia has partnered the industry in various social causes. Whether it’s the flash floods in Kerala or free advertising to a television show that’s helped in the cause of cancer care. That’s how we are. That’s what we believe in. Business and revenues are important, but they aren’t our end-all.


The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has been huge. Let’s all work together to ensure the world we live in is safer and better.


If you or your organisation wish to use this opportunity, please feel free to write directly to Pradyuman Maheshwari at pradyumanm [at], Whatsapp him or call (98338 76278). Or please get someone in your team to do so. Also, please forward this message to all. Also, get other media platforms – including our rivals to do the same. We aren’t doing this to earn brownie points. We sincerely believe that every eligible Indian must be vaccinated.

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