Integrow Asset retains Pitchfork

22 Jun,2021

By Our Staff


It’s raining new business announcements at Pitchfork.


Integrow Asset Management, a real estate-focused asset management firm, has appointed Pitchfork Partners as its communication strategy advisor. Pitchfork, the agency set up by industry seniors Sunil Gautam and Jaideep Shergill, will drive the brand outreach for Integrow Asset Management, support its business growth and strengthen the brand narrative.


Said Ramashrya Yadav, Founder and CEO, Integrow Asset Management: “We want to create a premier real estate asset management institution built on trusted partnerships, value creation and sustainability. We want to transform the business of asset management and real estate development through a unique combination of transparency and alpha generation through decisions we make in crucial areas. Integrow aims to be a real estate platform for various forms & formats of real estate eventually benefiting all stakeholders. We aim to drive our brand narrative by leveraging the expertise of Pitchfork Partners, which has a proven track record, understands our message and shares our values.”


Added Shergill: “We look forward to a great partnership. Integrow has a brilliant grasp of the real estate market. With its commitment to sustainable projects, coupled with the power of technology, we believe it has an edge over others in the sector. We are privileged to partner with such an innovative company.”


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