Das ka Dum with Dr Bhaskar Das | Aren’t cricket administrators doing disservice to the game by scheduling a game in a season when it rains in England?

22 Jun,2021

Bhaskar DasIt’s a question that’s been disturbing us since Day 1 of this special Test. Shouldn’t cricket administrators be smarter and schedule cricketing events only in geographies given the weather conditions So we asked Dr Bhaskar Das the question and here’s his response in the June 22 edition of Das ka Dum. Read on…


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Q. Aren’t cricket administrators doing a great disservice to the game given the scheduling of games when it’s the season when it rains in England?


A. Why disservice? These days even seasons don’t follow protocols, thanks to global warming. Hence the classical concept of “season” needn’t be relevant. Anyway, all schedules of cricket have gone haywire due to the pandemic. Even if matches get disrupted by the Rain Gods, they provide a relief to the players, spectators, organisers and finally keeps the wheel of the economy moving. All forms of games engender optimism amongst humanity in the midst of prevailing gloom due to Covid.


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