RIP, Indu Jain. Conscience-keeper + Tribute by Sunil Lulla

14 May,2021

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Bennett, Coleman and Company Limited chairperson Indu Jain passed away late on Thursday evening after a Covid-related situation. She was 84. Ms Jain will be best remembered in the Indian media for her contribution to ensure that one of the largest and most successful media organisations in the country that she owned and spearheaded with her two sons – Samir and Vineet – also had a purpose. She is widely regarded as the conscience-keeper of the media empire, and helped mainstream spirituality and world peace into the newspapers her group ran. Our deepest condolences to the Sahu Jain family, specifically her sons, and the large number of people -—in the media and outside of it — whose lives she touched, and impacted.

We invited Mr Sunil Lulla, CEO, BARC India, who has spent nearly a decade with BCCL and had a strong linkages with Ms Jain, to share a short tribute. 


Spiritual Angel, Ms Indu Jain. A Tribute


Sunil Lulla

My life is privileged to be touched by the Spiritual Angel , whom we called Mataji and sometimes Chairperson – Ms Indu Jain. I was a latecomer to the Times group, where most have spent a few decades mastering the craft Times teaches so well.


She was very enthusiastic in supporting the new/ to-be-started television network  with the rapid acquisition and build out of a generous studio space, in Mumbai.  Her passion has always been to  spread positivity messaging, be it in news or  via music to the youth. She understood the business compulsions and marketplace needs. In balance, she actively encouraged and facilitated by inviting her wise associates Sri Sri Ravishankar  and Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev to spread their contemporary and positive message of well-being to millions of viewers.


She bought balance to the space of heated debate and pulsating music in her own sagacious and peaceful way. When she learnt the architects had not followed the right protocol in the construction of the studio and office, she wisely suggested changes. As she stated, the right light, the right direction, sets the tone of success. I have always believed her action gave wings to the success of the Times Television Network.


She will remain Mataji – forever. May her soul rest in peace.

Sunil Lulla

Chief Executive Officer

BARC India

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