Can Kamlesh Pandey help Rediffusion get its mojo back?

21 May,2021


By Our Staff


Rediffusion has announced the return of its most famous alumnus, Kamlesh Pandey, as ‘Legend in Residence’. Pandey, who has nearly 45 years of experience in advertising, 35 years in films, and 30 years in television is an awardwinning bilingual writer. He was Creative Director at Rediffusion from 1976 to 1992. And returned again in the late 90s and early 2000s for a short innings. He is 72 and will join the agency on June 1.


Some of the copy lines written by Pandey are legendary: ‘Whenever you see colour, think of us’ (Jenson & Nicholson), ‘Hum Red & White peenewalon ki baat hi kuchh aur hai’(Red & White cigarettes), ‘Palmolive da jawab nahin’ (Colgate Palmolive), ‘When it can’t be done, it must be done’ (J&N Corporate), ‘Gimme Red!’ (Eveready), ‘Annu taazgi de’ (Tata Tea) and many many more. Pandey entered the CAG Hall of Fame in 2005.


Said Diwan Arun Nanda, Chairman & Founder of Rediffusion who recently sold the agency to senior advertising professional Sandeep Goyal. “I am delighted that Kamlesh Pandey is back home to Rediffusion. I have the fondest memories of working with him on some of India’s most acclaimed campaigns. Pandey commands a first-hand experience, and a deep insight into the lives and aspirations of the people of India. Which is why his thinking for brands is rooted in reality, and his creatives are always memorable,” adding: “Pandey will help the younger talent at Rediffusion to understand consumers better, think differently and write differently”.


The industry has been abuzz with the development. While one former agency honcho remarked: “Brilliant idea – so Sandeep,” crediting Goyal for doing a smart one to bring back some of the lost glory.


Another former agency captain was less charitable: “He’s been brought in many times in the last 25 years to resuscitate an ailing Rediff. Famous Rediff magic trick. It’s like bringing Mohammed Khan back somewhere as legend in residence.”


So what will Pandey do in the agency? According to Dr Sandeep Goyal, Managing Director, Rediffusion, as ‘Legend in Residence’, Pandey will interact with Rediffusion clients. “[He] will discuss emerging consumer trends and help figure where the maximal opportunities exist in both Bharat and India; and how best to pivot brand communication for a real and enduring connect with consumers of tomorrow,”


Commenting on his return to Rediffusion as ‘Legend in Residence’, Pandey added: “One way, it feels like ‘Back to the Future’. A lot has happened in Rediff since I left Rediff – Rediff managed to shake off the appendages of ‘Y&R’ and ‘Dentsu’ and returned to its original heart, mind and soul, the fearless spirit and the creative precipice that drove it in late 70’s through 90’s, the values that never left me long after I left Rediff and romanced Bollywood with some success. And now it’s great to be back. Great to be with Arun, Ajit and Sandeep. Great to be home among those who managed to get the best out of me, and those who are currently giving their best to take Rediff to a future that could be the pride of the past”.


When Goyal took over Rediff, one expected him to come up with some moves like these to get into the limelight. Finally, of course, getting a fresh set of big ticket clients and getting back the freshness in the advertising will finally decide on whether this and other moves will work for the aggression which a typical Sandeep Goyal operation promises to bring in.


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