Hansa Research launches IPLomania 2021

09 Apr,2021

By Our Staff

Hansa Research has launched syndicated study IPLomania to delve into brand performance. It will measure the returns on the advertising investments in terms of the recall of brands / ads.

Said V Sudarshan, Sr Vice President, Hansa Research: “Last season saw a plethora of start-ups filling in for the usual IPL advertisers.  This season too we have some of them continuing.  The uplift that IPL gives to a brand is unparalleled and that is the main reason for this big pull. When contacted potential viewers of IPL last week, we noted that viewers are thrilled that the IPL is back in such a short period (six months) and are waiting for the season to begin.  The fact that the viewers cannot participate on the ground was not a deterrent for them nor was the fact that their favourite team will not be playing on their home ground. The IPLomania subscription this year has been a big plus for Hansa Research too. A lot of brands want accountability for their IPL spends and are investing on research to answer their queries.  IPLomania this season promises not just the research findings but have tied up with partners to help ecommerce and digital players with their own and their competition app reach and usage behaviour.  Along with this the study also help brands understand efficacy and visibility on their IPL team sponsorship spends.”



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