Das ka Dum with Dr Bhaskar Das | Your thoughts on the just-started IPL 2021? Not from the cricketing angle, but more as a media property?

12 Apr,2021

Bhaskar DasHa ha ha. You need to read the response to figure why we are laughing, esp the last sentence. Here’s Dr Bhaskar Das in the April 9 edition of Das ka Dum series. Read on…


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Q. The first in possibly many questions on IPL 2021 Here’s Dr Bhaskar Das in the April 12 edition of Das ka Dum series. Read on…


A. Amidst the gloomy news all around, IPL provides a great escape to forget the challenges of daily existence, albeit for a limited period daily. Sports builds mental toughness and we feel all is not lost. As a media property, IPL has been gaining strength year after year. Even in a tepid economic environment, the sponsors haven’t shown any lack of enthusiasm. Now with various levels of lockdown across the country, it’s a great route to encourage people to stay at home and save themselves and others also. That’s a very positive side-effect of IPL.



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