Das ka Dum with Dr Bhaskar Das | What would you say about those who do not conduct awards online because sponsors are unwilling to pay for them?

09 Apr,2021

Bhaskar DasHa ha ha. You need to read the response to figure why we are laughing, esp the last sentence. Here’s Dr Bhaskar Das in the April 9 edition of Das ka Dum series. Read on…


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Q. What would you say about award organisers who do not conduct them online only because they sponsors are unwilling to pay for it?


A. Let’s face it, PM ( not prime minister), award functions are one of the media options available to a marketer, due to a cinema-obsessed (don’t forget entertainment offers  great escapism) nation, there is great stickiness to such award functions. Ultimately, it’s a product which offers content, immersive experience and perhaps appropriate ROI which are sine qua non for monetisation. So, it’s a legit pattern of business process. Of course, one can’t deny that recognition of talent is also one of the strategic intents for branding the experience.


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