Das ka Dum with Dr Bhaskar Das | Since you are so Spiritually Inclined, a Question: Why is God being so Unkind to Us?

14 Apr,2021

Bhaskar DasIt’s another  question which is an invitation for our Wizard with Words to share his wisdom. Which he did. Here’s Dr Bhaskar Das in the April 14 edition of Das ka Dum series. Read on…


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Q. Since you are so spiritually inclined, a question: Why is god being so unkind to us?


A. God isn’t unkind. We are unkind to God. God definitely tests us through highs and lows of life. We only prefer highs and can’t accept lows. But this is like a cycle and one can’t avoid it. Blaming God isn’t going to solve our problems. We must learn to accept believing that all problems and solutions are temporary. So, one has to develop mental strength to face these challenges of life with equanimity. It might appear easier than done but do we have a choice? It’s best to be in an acceptance mode of what life offers and confront it with positivism. Unflinching faith in God strengthens that faith.


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