Bhima Jewellers: Simply Pure as Love or…?

16 Apr,2021


By Sanjeev Kotnala


This morning, I woke up with SudhaPillai on my Twitter timeline asking: why are people not talking about this ad from Bhima Jewellers? My answer was: Bhima Jewellers – who are they, and what ad are we talking about. And then I saw Ramki appreciating the ad. Curiosity took control of me, and I watched PURE AS LOVE from Bhima Jewellers.



The first thing the question was correct. Why are people not talking when TANISHQ, AIRTEL, NYAKA has people buzzing with their bold and, at times, controversial advertisement. Watch the Bhima ad here.


Bhima Jewellery ad shows the journey of a trans woman changing to a beautiful woman with the support and understanding from her family. The metamorphosis or the reveal, when she finds the real I. And in each of the transformative milestone, there is jewellery. Almost making a woman incomplete without it. Not said in the ad, but almost seems that the transwoman journey is complete only with the jeweller. Maybe I am reading too much.


My initial reaction was that it was too bold. Too before the time, like the beautiful movie Lamhe starring Anil Kapoor and Sridevi was in the early ’90s or late eighties. And then a realisation- maybe it is me who us behind time. Perhaps I have to change my lenses to see things a bit more clearer.

I am not sure if the world outside has really changed that much. Or are we becoming more open, transparent, supportive and inclusive? Is the gender continuum not just a white paper but a reality of acceptance.



No, I was not worried about the large target group, women not wanting to wear jewellery aimed at LGBT. In fact the new world, the brand most likely will benefit as the thoughts will find an echo and the user feel proud in its association.

Emotional boundaries, exploring new stories to depict the beautiful moments is not unique or new to the jewellery segment. We have seen brands experiment. And we have seen the brands being challenged too when they miss reading the acceptable boundaries.

However, Bhima Jewellers is not high on the SMEAR meter. The only possible adverse reaction could have been from the LGBT community. There, the brand has taken care to ensure it was safe on that side.



The ad is beautifully made. Frame by frame, it weaves the magic. It lingers just at the pace to take you along on the journey. The protagonist is a real-life transwoman Meera Singhania, and that adds to complete realism.

There is a level of dignity in presentation. There is no forced pushed agenda and unreal situation. The turmoil and the support are so well captured in the film that you feel nice about the whole things. And yes, the jewellery brand is so well integrated with the story. It is a story of doing good for the child—wholehearted acceptance through the generation. And the openness, the transparency with the reality- the acceptance – and somewhere a pride too.



I don’t know how a transwoman would react to the ad. Featuring a transwoman in real life is enough to say it is accepted. The possibility of adverse reaction is low.

I did try to speak to two transwoman friends, they refused to comment or share anything publicly.



People do point out that the brand is an opportunist. In the past, the same brand, Bhima Jewellers, had withdrawn the advertisement from Mathrabhumi – which had published/serialised a controversial novel Meesha by Malayalam writer S Hareesh. Did Tanishq not withdraw their ad? Was Tanishq not also threatened with public outcry?

I feel the brand has taken a leap of faith, and we can expect a lot more from them. Looking at some past work by the brand seems to be trying to fly within the constraints. Be liberated enough. An earlier communication spoke of women shining across life. It asks the woman, Where Will They Shine Next With Bhima?


Then they did this wonderful interplay with music- called SWARNALAYAM. It featured artists from Kerala like Annamanada Parameswara Marar (Thimila), Kallur Ramankutti ( Chenda), K. S. Maheshkumar (Mridangam), Prof. Potti (Veena), R. Swaminathan (Violin), Thiruvillamala Hari (Edakya), Thiruvizha Jayashankar( Nadaswaram), P. Unnikrishnan (Vocal), Stephen Devasy (Keyboard), Rex Vijayan (guitar). (source internet)


Frankly, I wish the brand all the best and appreciate their communication. Definitely expect to see more in time to come.


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