VavoDigital promotes transgender marketing influencers

11 Mar,2021

By Our Staff

VavoDigital, a tech-enabled platform for influencer marketing, has initiated a conversation on transinclusion and trans-influencers. The company aims at making the entire influencer community very inclusive. In a five-part video series titled #MannSeWoman that commenced on March 3 in a run up to Women’s Day.

Said Neha Puri, Founder & CEO, VavoDigital: “One day each year, we celebrate women – their struggle, achievements in different arenas and their unity to fight against hardships over the years. In this patriarchal society, where sexually identifiable women still struggle for their dignity, it seems like an impossible dream to watch the transwomen living a life of pride. VavoDigital aims at voicing and celebrating the challenges and success of not just those ‘born as a woman’ but those who chose to be a woman’, not just on the occasion of women’s day but every day. Being an Influencer Marketing platform, we want to understand how the society and brands are becoming more accepting of the transgender community in their promotions and what changes would the community like to see in the future.”

Added Rudrani Chhetri, Indian Transgender woman actor, model, activist, entrepreneur, “I’m extremely delighted to be a part of the initiative by VavoDigital this Women’s Day. The thought behind endorsing or promoting any brand does not have to be by a specific gender.  I started the first-ever transgender modeling agency as I believe, every product is inclusive, it is just how we as humans have bifurcated it according to genders, and now we need to break this. I see this as an opportunity and, it is not tokenistic and not for the sake of saying it or doing something for the not-so-privileged. This will help people to be influenced by different communities endorsing and talking about products. It will also give the community, the confidence of growing up and a larger audience to speak to. The initiative will help us to break the gap between the general community and us. Initiatives like these give us hope to live, see life better, to live life with dignity.”



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