Syska Accessories partners with local influencers

01 Mar,2021

By Our Staff

Syska Accessories has collaborated with various homegrown digital influencers for its campaign #InMyVeins.  It will partner with 3 to 4 digital artists every month from different fields.

Said Gurumukh Uttamchandani, Executive Director, Syska Group:  “We are excited to partner with so many diverse digital artists who are brilliant in their respective fields. Through our collaboration with home-grown social media influencers, we aim to engage with our new age consumers including millennials and Gen Z who are digitally savvy and active on social media platforms. As a home-grown Indian brand, we wanted to create a platform to promote the upcoming talent from diverse genres. #InMyVeins is a perfect synonym of the New age India, who are always ready to take risks and set themselves apart from the crowd. So far, the #InMyVeins campaign has showcased remarkable results and we have seen an upsurge in engagement from our audiences”.

Added Rohit Reddy, Founder & CEO Eipi Media, “When we approached Syska for a potential collaboration, we were given a clean slate and just a thought-starter with an intent for a small pilot. What it turned into was this campaign, with a singular insight that it’s a home-grown brand. So we created an entirely new property called #InMyVeins with local, home-grown talent and tried to present their stories in the most impactful way. With an in-house production and content team writing & depicting these stories in a visual clutter breaking manner was what set this content apart for us and we look forward to taking it to the next level in the coming months”.

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