Anugrah Madison to promote Dabur Nasal Drops

17 Mar,2021

By Our Staff


Anugrah Madison has launched a campaign to promote Dabur Ayurvedic Nasal Drops. This is to initiate the safety of Covid-19 warriors against breathing congestion this winter. The Khul Kar Jiyo, Surakshit Raho campaign focuses on policemen, security forces, watchmen, security guards and newspaper vendors working late nights in New Delhi.

Said Dr Durga Prasad, GM – Marketing, Ethical Portfolio, Dabur India Limited: “Dabur Nasal Drops (spray format) combines the rich experience of Dabur with the therapeutic benefits of Shadbindu Tail, Anu Tail and Badam Tail. The Shadbindu Tail is believed to have a cleansing action on nasal sinuses, Anu Tail possesses nourishing properties and is beneficial for healthy body parts above the neck level. Badam Tail has antioxidants and help soothe inflammations. It is useful in cold, headaches to cold and nasal dryness in extreme cold seasons. The brand acknowledges people’s beliefs and contributes to their faith by doing their bit towards building a healthier community. Anugrah Madison and Dabur continue to collaborate in ventures that work towards the growth of brand and community”

Added Sunny Vohra, CEO, Madison Turnt & Anugrah Madison: “The ongoing coronavirus pandemic combined with the Delhi winters takes a lot of planning and team effort to executive an on-ground campaign of this scale with safety and precaution. We’re proud of the way the team planned and executed the Dabur Nasal Drops campaign.”



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