Zirca’s whitepaper audits consumer sentiment

10 Feb,2021

By Our Staff


Zirca Digital Solutions has released a whitepaper titeld  ‘Re-start Trends during the Pandemic’ examining key content categories that grew during the lockdown. The whitepaper is part of Zirca’s ‘Ungeek’ knowledge series that simplifies facts to help businesses take better decisions and studies content consumption data and trends between Q2 FY’19 and Q4 FY’20.

Said Neena Dasgupta, CEO and Director, Zirca Digital Solutions: “At Zirca, we always put our bets on knowledge, research and insights driven decisions. Our “Ungeek” series is an effort to collate business and consumer insights and translate them into actionable intelligence for the digital and marketing fraternity. Zirca will always strive to present the industry and consumers with insights that will help them make better business decisions. We consciously started the series with this particular topic because the past few months witnessed lots of changes across the spectrum and it is more critical now than ever to have actionable intelligence to improve recovery”.

Added Karan Gupta, Managing Director, Zirca: “Data” is fast becoming a commodity, and it is getting difficult by the day to actually filter out key insights from a mountain of easily available data. Zirca has uniquely positioned itself to be able to collate large amount of data and filter out key insights from them. Within “Ungeek” you will not only find the width of information but the depth of these insights as well. We hope that this series helps the readers by presenting them with more comprehensible facts and figures” the pandemic has influenced fundamental transformations in businesses, many of them driven by attitudinal changes.



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