Wavemaker rolls out AI-powered platform Maximize

10 Feb,2021

By Our Staff


Wavemaker has completed the global roll-out of a new AI-powered media planning platform, Maximize, that allows planners to create media plans to reach multiple audiences and optimise media investments in just a matter of minutes.

Said Toby Jenner, Global CEO of Wavemaker: “Maximize addresses one of the industry’s longest standing frustrations – that all media plans look the same. Pre-loaded with strong data sources and packed with AI, Maximize produces media plans at incredible speed and has the brainpower to create market-beating growth plans for our clients. It is already delivering results, producing media plans that are on average 30% more effective for clients and in pitches, helping us reach the ranking of most successful media agency in the COMvergence new business barometer for Q1-Q3 2020.”

Added Stephan Bruneau, Global Head of Product at Wavemaker: “Creating media plans has become challenging due to the increased number of audience segments that need to be included in a campaign. Some can overlap significantly, with people belonging to multiple audience segments at risk of being ‘over exposed’ to ads and creating an unnecessary waste of money for clients. Maximize uses techniques and technology rarely used in the marketing industry and is effectively the only way to solve the audience fragmentation problem.”

Said Stephan Pretorius, Global Chief Technology Officer at WPP: “AI has extended its sphere of influence to many aspects of marketing, but until now not in media planning.  Wavemaker’s exciting new AI-powered planning platform Maximize is set to transform the way its teams work and empower its planners to produce the most effective and efficient media plans yet for clients in an increasingly complex and fragmented media landscape.”



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