Siddhartha Mukherjee: Bangalore & Hyderabad catalysing change in Brand Research & Analytics

04 Feb,2021

By Siddhartha Mukherjee


The two cities are obviously giveaways that this column is about technology. However, a new point of intersection is that these two cities are quietly allowing India’s research & analytical industry to push their service variety and quality envelopes.

India’s Brand Research & Data Analytics industry was pretty much in a time loop till a few years ago. However, if you look at the last five years or so, these two cities have armed the primary & secondary research and data analytics industry with interesting service delivery possibilities.

To simplify, if brand communication management is a key component of managing the brand itself, then technology intervention is allowing brand owners and agency firms with new ways to manage the brand communication cycle – listening, benchmarking & target setting, execution monitoring, exposure, engagement and conversion evaluations.

In the secondary or media monitoring and analysis industry for example, data collation, processing, analysis & interpretation and report generation – all these key functional blocks were delivered through a high manual head count. Speed, quality and overall efficiency suffered.

In certain other cases, there have been fresh break throughs where technology itself was struggling to deliver efficient outputs all these years. One of the areas is that of audio or voice conversion into text. Not that these solutions were not available earlier – through google or other customized technology solutions. However, the problem they were facing was that not just of speed but more importantly accuracy.

Another example of a very handy solution, especially for the communication experts is being able to first transcribe a spokesperson’s English quote on television into English text, translate that into various regional or international languages and lip sync it back into the original television recording.

No, it is not always an AI or ML outcome. Many of these are outcomes are due to intelligent software designing and coding skillsets.

Innovative solutions like these are a reality. This means that solutions are available or there are brains that can deliver. Bangalore and Hyderabad can be looked as strategic hubs for innovative solutions that will further boost and allow brand research and analytics industry to deliver more width and depth wise.

In the area of secondary research and analysis, two specific areas come to mind. Advertising & Public Relations. Both these two industries are in crying need for much faster and sharper collation & processing of data, intelligent & friendly outputs followed by easy-on-the-go user access touchpoints.

The two cities are today dotted with many homegrown and international service providers. While the international players have come to India because they have a back up of successful business stories and infrastructure in other markets, however, they have been able to do wonderful job of localizing their offerings at the hyper local level.

Going forward, our media and marketing industry can look at considering formal, well organized exhibitions and seminars where these service providers from these two cities, and of course other cities, can exhibit and showcase the world of possibilities in the field of brand research and data analytics.

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