Humanz Partners with Boss Entertainment

26 Feb,2021

By Our Staff

Humanz announces partnership with Boss Entertainment. This will allow optimisation of  collaborations between local marketers and influencers across India, thereby ensuring the sustainable growth of the country’s influencer marketing sector.

Said Liav Chen, Co-Founder and CEO of Humanz: “In India, local influencers inspire young adults to make decisions at rates far greater than celebrities,” “The influencer marketing arena is growing rapidly in the region, and it is crucial for collaborations between marketers and influencers to be as optimal and impactful as possible. Our values align with that of Boss Entertainment, and we’re excited to see what unfolds.”

Added Shailendra Singh of Boss Entertainment: “The tech venture with Humanz in India is a massive opportunity for us to unlock the positive power that our influencers possess to strengthen a brand’s reputation, improve audience engagement, and increase conversions,” “It is high time marketers and business owners in India recognize the importance of influencer marketing and use it to their advantage.”



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