Because Logo Ka Kaam Hai Kehna

01 Feb,2021


By Sanjeev Kotnala


So, Myntra decides to change its logo because an activist sees it differently. She files a police complaint because it offends her misplaced sensibilities. She has taken a long time to react. In one simple tectonic moment, she achieved a few things. She made everyone think dirty and see images where none existed.

What surprised me, was neither the meek surrender by Myntra nor the right business decision to change the logo! But, the brand keeping it out of circulation for a month.

The controversy broke (or was allowed to break) with the new logo. I love it. Now everyone knows the changed Myntra logo. There is a positive buzz, and almost everyone is with the brand! Oh, not everyone, the activist and few other people like her have a different take.





Sonal Dabral @agrakadabra in his style tweeted, ‘Kucch Toh Log Kahenge, Logo ka Kaam hai Kehna’. Making us realise the converse of the saying, ‘Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’ is also true. KV Sridhar aka @kvpops summed it right: ‘#Myantra logo is like an inkblot, it tests your imagination and state of mind. I have never seen people with such rotten imagination’.





The logo controversy created problems for many.

Some can’t unsee the old Myntra logo without thinking what the activist was thinking. Women now understand how a simple orange blot can mean so many things. And few are still trying to understand what it is all about.

I worry everything will be seen with a different lens. No more me using such patterns in doodles and zentangles. Water drops are out because of their shape. No more using two Os together, like in Look, book, took as it may suggest another part of the female body. Try to stop using M, W, K, L, and O. Life has a new problem. People can take offence to search on gOOgle.





Fertile minds on social media have allowed their imagination a free run. The experts started seeing things differently. The glasses are now tainted with a sexual overtone.




The activist raised a question. Brand Myntra acknowledged.

Now people are pointing out new visual interpretations of the well-known logos. Here are a few more the social media pointed out. Will someone file a complaint?

McDonald’s, articles are suggesting, has a shape that represents a  mummy’s mammaries. People ask if the arrow in Amazon is a male organ. The Airbnb does raise eyebrows. An idli brand is more of a problem. Tesla is not a long shot if the Doordarshan emblem seems like 69. Keep watching social media and many more will surface soon.




Here is a Libresse- Viva la Vulva commercial to watch for reference in case someone is indecisive. Suddenly, too many things may start looking objectional.



This was important, and I could not avoid discussing it with my dear friend and brand consultant Vermajee. Like most of us, he says he never saw the Myntra logo in the way the activist suggested. And it has opened a few questions. Brands now have another filter to check their choices.


However, the marketing, PR and the legal Myntra at Myntra need to be complimented. They kept the controversy out for more than a month, from the time the complaint was made. Myntra took the right decision and controlled the breaking of the news only after the January 26 weekend sale and just before the Budget, which will anyway change the discussion subject. They managed the window of discussion and yet made everyone aware of the change of logo. More so, being transparent and giving the activist all the credit (blame) for seeing it differently, created a positive vibe for the brand. And he appreciates and applaud the people at Myntra consulting and taking the call.




He additionally says that Myntra brand has always been progressive in approach. He does not believe that even the designers and the brand saw the old logo differently.

Myntra Anouk ads ( PregnancyMoveVisitWait and single mother) tell you how the brand things and support being bold and beautiful. Reason enough for Vermajee to believe brand Myntra would be the last one to approve the logo if they saw it how many others see it. Maybe that is why people, even after pointing out, want to remain blind.



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