Tata Coffee blends sound & emotion for new ad

22 Jan,2021



Tata Coffee Grand unveiled its recent campaign that aims to create a new language for coffee – Shik-Shik-Shik that evokes emotions and excitement amongst consumers. It is conceptualised by Lowe Lintas.

Speaking about the campaign, says, Puneet Das, SVP – Marketing, Beverages – India, Tata Consumer Products: “We’ve been excited about the idea of the ‘sound of coffee’ for a while now. Through this campaign, we have built the proposition of ‘The sound made by our Tata Coffee Grand pack, which has big granules and decoction crystals that make a great cup of coffee’.  A simple and powerful narrative is linked to a simple action of shaking the pack, remembering that unique sound, replacing coffee with Shik-Shik-Shik when asking for it. We are hopeful that the disruptive unique sound of Shik-Shik-Shik will soon become an overarching synonymous word for coffee.”


Added Sagar Kapoor, Chief Creative Officer – Lowe Lintas: “It’s always a great opportunity when your brand has a product differentiation. Leaping to the creative idea from the differentiator lands on a disruptive idea, more often than not. With Tata Coffee Grand we had the decoction crystals. Besides delivering a superior cup of coffee, these crystals also make a unique Shik-Shik-Shik sound when one shakes the pack. So great coffee was always known by its aroma, it will now be known with its sound. That led us to the idea of ‘Great coffee will now be known as Shik-Shik-Shik. Going ahead we will engage with the consumer in many ways with the ‘Shik-Shik-Shik device,”

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