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20 Jan,2021

By Sanjeev Kotnala


Creative minds always try to find different ways to present things. It is part of their role expectation. The brands also want to Innovate and Improvise. The brand guidelines are often wrongly quoted as constraints and stifling freedom of expression. These at best, are excuses. More so when the recent campaign tries to match past brilliance. No one wants to just fix it and remain faithful to the brand’s creative language.


Any day, I will take an advertisement that clearly delivers the brand message, than one with convoluted creativity resulting in much appreciated creative but lacking clarity. Simplicity is critical in such executions. Here is one of the recent example.





The recent communication by Dr Fixit is one of the functionally loaded campaigns. Yet, it manages to deliver the message while adhering to the brand’s creative language.


Fixit uses Amitabh Bachchan as Amitabh Bachchan. The script is excellent, and it even makes Big B interaction sound convincing. In the TVC, Big B asks the unaware consumers some probing questions and in the process introduces him to the right solution for roof repairs and waterproofing; Dr Fixit Roof-seal.


The brand attacks the prevalent practice of using paints and patch-up as a solution for water seepage. What is creditable is that the story creates an almost perfect environment for the protagonist to give a perfectly valid answer and technical reasons. With visual support, Elastomeric Nanofiber Technology does not sound like a technology bomb. It seems a perfect explanation. It makes you believe that the brand will provide long-lasting protection against water seepage and leakage.





The brand retains its humorous take and tonality in its communication. There is somewhat of a questionable sarcasm like in case of Leakage ka doctorrising starJodiLeakage man  and my favourite the waterrrrr series ) Dr Fixit Roof-seal TVC. The script is sensitive to the situation—the dialogues delivered in a typical banter between the brand Ambassador and the unaware consumer. Yet, the consumer is enlightened without being embarrassed. That’s the beauty of it.



Fixit is not the only brand that has successfully used the brand communication language to build familiarity through continuity. Here are some more examples


One cannot  forget how the Happydent campaigns always bring a smile to your face. The new TVC has evolved with time and addresses a social problem, but the smile and the flash retain past campaigns’ language.



With its Men Will Be Men series, Imperial Blue shows how a brand can stay true to its creative language. The brand does it consistently enough with not-so-subtle situations that it even encourage spoofs and customer-generated content. To me Imperial Blue along with Fevicol and Tata Tea that symbolises this consistent brand language.




And while we are at it, a small reminder from MTV. Saal Khatam Khatra nahi.


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