New ad showcases Godrej Vaccine Refrigerators

27 Jan,2021

By Our Staff


Godrej Appliances has launched a digital campaign sharing the story of #IndiaKaMagicBox – highlighting how Godrej Vaccine Refrigerators are contributing to the biggest vaccination drive in the world. The campaign is conceptualised and executed by Dentsu WatConsult.

Talking about the film, Swati Rathi, Marketing Head, Godrej Appliances said: “We wanted to share the deep pride we feel in being India’s critical cold chain partners for the Covid Vaccination Drive, protecting the very vaccines that are expected to protect India. These world class vaccine refrigerators are the epitome of precision cooling – as they safeguard the Covid Vaccines at just the right temperatures of 2 to 8°C, keeping the vaccines safe and effective.  Made in India, these are a testimony of Godrej’s commitment to self-reliant India. The film allows us to talk about our expertise in this relatively lesser known, but in current times, critical space – of advanced medical refrigeration. We wanted to share all this in the context of consumer’s lives and who better than a child to bring alive the almost magical story of hope and optimism. This positivity, and the sense of pride, is also reminiscent of the role brand Godrej wants to play in the Indian consumers’ lives.”

Added Heeru Dingra, CEO, Dentsu WatConsult: “The nation has undoubtedly worked extremely hard to reach at this stage today that we have a functional vaccine for Covid-19 ready to be administered to the public. Multiple stakeholders are responsible for making this vaccination drive successful and they need to be celebrated. #IndiaKaMagicBox intends to highlight the unspoken role of the critical cold chain which is working behind the scene to make this mission successful. It does so through the innocent yet highly effective voice of the nation’s children. It captures those proud notes from the kids that evoke powerful positive emotions. The focus remains on the fact that at the centre of it is an Indian homegrown brand, which is further heightened by the campaign being launched on the patriotic occasion of the Republic Day.”



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