In an AI-powered world, what’s the road ahead for Marketers?

27 Jan,2021


By Bhuvi Gupta


Bhuvi GuptaAs another close friend launches a podcast in a bid to ‘network’ and the US’s renowed Venture Capital firm, Andreessen Horrowitz announced the launch of its media company (Link – ),  I am stating the obvious  when I say that today we are all content creators and marketers. But in a world where everyone is a marketer what happens to the full-time marketer?



Last fortnight, we talked about the why of this marketing evolution and this fortnight we tackle how can a true-blue marketer deal with this evolution to ensure her or his relevance.  This change has been especially hard on marketers who are in middle management because their education and initial work experience are no longer relevant.  So what can marketers do to remain relevant ?






The obvious truth of remaining relevant in any evolving discipline is upskill oneself. While there is a lot changing, what is key is to keep oneself up-to-date with the latest trends, algorithmic changes to social media platforms, and new formats for content and advertising.  Hence the first diktat of upskilling is to understand Performance Marketing, even if one only has to work with an agency to execute campaigns. Despite it now having been around for the better part of a decade, there are still hangups and a lack of genuine understanding about it. Everyone knows they should but what and how much are still mysteries. These are heavy time investments but with the plethora of MOOCs and content on the internet finding the right course is easier than having the discipline to finish it. The importance of this cannot be underestimated. The landscape is consistently evolving and the evolution follows every previous step on the digital ladder. Even if your job doesn’t currently involve performance marketing, it is the elephant in the room, which is bound to become visible sooner than later.



As detailed in my previous article, due to the revolution in communication brought about by the internet, there has been a drastic change in the customer life cycle. Information is now available to the consumer on her/his fingertips and s/he shares thoughts about the brand, the category and the brands’ competitors. Ignoring such a wealth of consumer input is almost a crime . But it happens more often than it should, because there is a stockpile of data and a dearth of skill on how to effectively mine it. Hence the second diktat of upskilling is to learn how to use data mining and sentiment analysis software such as SQL, HootSuite etc to help generate insights. These insights must be reviewed and responded to as regularly as can be.



Creating a personal brand


In 2021, creating a personal brand is important no matter what one’s profession and work experience, but it becomes even more important for marketers, because we are in the business of communication.  With the plethora of social media platforms available, building a personal brand will help increase visibility, gain knowledge, network with colleagues in the industry and hence generate opportunities. Today, not having curated and active presence online is akin to being invisible.






Never before have existed opportunities to gain insight and interact with the greatest business minds, across the globe sitting right in the comfort of your own house and probably in your pyjamas! While I will assume that most of my readers will have crated Twitter feeds, today using apps like Clubhouse (link- can help marketers interact in real time with thought leaders across the world. Other apps to explore include Lunchclub (link – ), which allow 1:1 video meetups (currently virtual but pre-lockdown the meetups were in-person) basis career interests and goals. Because both apps curate their members the quality of connections is high and takeaways aplenty.


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That the role of a marketer has transformed drastically is unquestionable.  All in all, it has been a tough decade to be a marketer, but the coming decade(s) will force out those who are unable to adapt. I would love to hear back thoughts from fellow marketers about how they are coping with the evolving landscape and any tips or tricks they use to keep themselves up to speed. Write to me c/o




Bhuvi Gupta is a marketer with over 10 years across industries, of which the last six have been in Media & Entertainment. She has been a part of many launch marketing campaigns – specifically at the Times of India group, Republic TV and the latest in marketing a Bollywood film. She writes on A&M (essentially on marketing, but often on advertising too) mostly every other Tuesday. Her views here are personal. She tweets at @bhuvigupta3


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