Kurl-on wants us to invest in sound sleep

17 Nov,2020

By A Correspondent


Premium mattresses-maker Kurl-on chose to explore a different route to promote itself this Diwali: ‘Nothing is more important than good health’.


Said Prashant Deshpande, Head, Brand Communications, on a film that was released by Water Communications: “It’s a very different film and one that brings out the brand message so loud and clear. It perfectly aligns itself to the festive season and all that Diwali stands for – an opportunity to make a useful investment… in health! That goes very well with our brand promise of sound sleep which is the very basis of good health!”


Added Vandana Sethhi, Founder, Water Communications “During Diwali we tend to look at new purchases through a very narrow perspective – it’s always about gadgets and devices that may add status but not real human value. So, we leveraged this insight to drive home our point that, especially in these difficult times, the best investment you can make at Diwali, is in your health – represented here by a comfortable mattress that ensures sound sleep night after night.”


Water Communications was recently appointed by Kurl-On as its creative and communications agency. It’s a relationship that has hit the ground running with consistent work across the social media landscape, with strategic mainline as well.



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