86mn IPL franchise fans in India: Ormax Media’s study

26 Nov,2020

By A Correspondent


Media consulting firm Ormax Media has released the findings of its study on ‘IPL Franchise Fans’, based on a research conducted among 3,200 urban respondents across 23 states in India. The data was collected through the course of the eight weeks of IPL 2020. The study pegs the number of fans across the eight IPL franchises at 86 million (8.6 cr).


Chennai Super Kings (CSK) emerges as the strongest franchise, with 26.8 million fans, closely followed by season winners Mumbai Indians (MI) at 24.8 million fans. Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) ranks third, with 13.3 million fans. Between them, these three franchises account for 75% of the total fan base, while the remaining five contribute to the balance 25%.


As many as 64% (55 million) of the total franchise fans are men, while the balance 36% (31 million) are women. CSK and RCB have the most gender-balanced fan base, with the proportion of female fans being the highest at 40% each. Nationwide popularity of their star players (MS Dhoni and Virat Kohli respectively) contributes to their stronger female fan base. Mumbai Indians leads Chennai Super Kings by a slender margin when it comes to the male fan base, but the latter takes the overall #1 position because of its stronger female following.


Shailesh Kapoor

Commenting on the findings, Shailesh Kapoor, Founder & CEO – Ormax Media said: “Apart from viewership, a definitive measure of the success of a sports league is whether the teams playing in it manage to build a sizeable fan base over the years. A strong fan base is eventually the key for a profitable franchise, because it offers higher monetisation opportunities through sponsorships, ticket sales, merchandizing, licensing and other such avenues. Over the last 13 years, IPL has done very well, and the fan base estimates of the Top 2 franchises suggest that they are now two of the strongest sports teams across the world. It’s for the other franchises to learn from the success story of CSK and MI and develop a strategy to widen their fan base in the coming years”.



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