TAM launches CRISP to track consumer reviews & influencer sentiments for brands

20 Oct,2020

By A Correspondent


TAM Media Research has announced the launch of CRISP, an analytics tool to help decode consumer sentiments in the Indian marketplace. CRISP is short for Consumer Reviews & Influencer Sentiments for Brand Performance. The product is specially crafted for marketers to gauge and understand the actual consumer reviews/ sentiments and augment the consumer product connect, notes a communique. TAM has partnered with Revuze, a global product experience management specialist.


Speaking on the launch, L V.Krishnan, CEO, TAM Media Research: “Today’s evolved Indian consumer is not just pragmatic about the products they purchase but extremely vocal and quick to give reviews. For a Marketer, these customer feedbacks can help realign product and communication strategy effectively. Hence, it is crucial for Marketers to constantly keep track, understand and re-connect while managing consumer sentiments towards Brands. TAM has partnered with Revuze to bring a new age, robust, data analytics tool – CRISP, for Marketers to decode the realms of unstructured feedback data from consumers and retrace it back into defining sharper rrand strategies. In a fast-paced evolving environment, it can be a crucial weapon for marketers to win additional brand sales and market shares. CRISP will help build the much-needed superior analytical prowess within the marketers business and help analyse product usage, identify areas of product/service improvement based on feedbacks so as to take quick footed decisions.”


Added Shai Etzion, CRO, Revuze: After showing significant success in the USA, Revuze is entering the Indian market partnering with TAM Media, a natural choice being our mutual Nielsen family relationship and their 20+ years’ experience in deep understanding of the Indian media landscape. It will be a compelling product and a gamechanger for India to understand consumer sentiments and reviews.



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