Hamdard campaign for Joshina

30 Oct,2020

By A Correspondent


Hamdard Laboratories (Medicine Division) has today launched an integrated marketing campaign for Joshina – a natural remedy for cold and cough.


Commenting on the campaign, Suman Varma, Chief Marketing Officer, Hamdard Laboratories (Medicine Division), said: “A nagging cough and cold can ruin anybody’s day by making them feel sluggish and irritable. Joshina is a time-tested product that fights the first signs of cough and cold. It also provides relief to itching throat. In times like today, it is worth treating the body with natural ingredients. Joshina is an amazing product for respiratory health and is known for its preventive power. Joshina can be consumed by people of all age groups without any apprehension regarding its side effects.”


Added Pranav Sharma, Creative Head: “Sardi- cough and cold – is like an unwanted guest which comes visiting every year and stays in our body leaves us exhausted! However, with Covid-19, a regular cold is also viewed suspiciously. Evem a mild cough and cold today is viewed as a symptom of something bigger, thus raising the antenna for doubt and suspicion. Joshina is a perfect cure to kills sardi in the bud stage .The film is treated like a suspense thriller. Sardi is personified. We have tried to make it relevant in the current scenario and highlighted the product efficacy story.”



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