Das ka Dum with Dr Bhaskar Das | A career advice: Do you think it will help if mediapersons are also well-versed in law & statistics?

26 Oct,2020

Bhaskar DasWelcome back to an all-new work week. We are on October 26, 2020 – the 300th day of the year. Just 66 days to go in the year. It’s the 43rd Monday of the year and we are in Week 44. We know these stats aren’t of any use to you or us, but since we chanced upon them, we thought we may as well serve them to you. So you obviously know the context for today’s question, which our Wizard with Words very sportingly answered. Without any further ado, , here’s Dr Bhaskar Das in Das ka Dum on Day 300 of 2020. Read on…


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Q. A career advice: Do you think it will help if mediapersons of today (and tomorrow) are also well-versed in law (given the possibility of having to defend oneself) and statistics (given measurement science etc)?


A. Horizontality of knowledge in today’s gig economy is very critical for any eventuality of pivoting requirement. So it’s not about the discipline one develops expertise in. The moot point is what kind of skill would be relevant for improving both capability and copability. If law and statistics serve that purpose, let that be the case. Incidentally, both the disciplines mentioned by you are also relevant for media , depending on the role expected by an organisation from the candidate.


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