Spotify Study Shows Listeners Have Strong Affinity For Artists Behind The Music

18 Sep,2020

By A Correspondent


Spotify India has released key highlights of its recently commissioned Nielsen study, ‘Culture & Audio Streaming Trends’ (CAST), which shows how Indians across cities and age groups associate with artists, discover music, as well as their music moments and genre preferences. It also highlights how deeply entrenched the Spotify user in India is with not just music, but also artists when compared to the average music listener in the country.


Said Amarjit Singh Batra, Managing Director – India, Spotify: “We undertook this study to understand what appeals to music listeners in India and what shapes their discovery and consumption of audio – and what we discovered is that Spotify users don’t just know their music but are also highly engaged with the artists behind the songs. Our listeners are also more likely to listen to podcasts more regularly, as compared to the  average music listener in the country.”


According to the study, Spotify users are 39% more likely to listen to music to connect with or learn about the artist, when compared to the average Indian music listener. Data also shows that while 73% of the total respondents often follow their favourite music artists and bands on social media, those who use Spotify are 15% more likely to do so. Similarly, compared to the average Indian music listener, Spotify users are 12% more likely to prefer listening to artists and bands that not many people have heard of, and are advanced music listeners on whom family and friends rely on for music recommendations. The average Spotify user is also 68% more likely to listen to a podcast at least once a month.


Added Batra: “Today, listeners across age groups and cities are connecting with audio to soundtrack their lives while relaxing, doing chores, or working, to socialise, and to reminisce – and what we offer on Spotify caters to these needs. First, we’ve got over 4 billion editorially curated and user created playlists that span genres, moods, and moments; second, Spotify lets you easily share your favourite podcasts and songs with friends and family; and finally, algorithmic playlists such as Repeat Rewind or Wrapped that take you back to music you’ve heard over and over again in the not-so-far-off past.”


The Spotify and Nielsen research team fielded this entire study face-to-face, with over 200 interviewers across India spending over two months across 24 cities to collect data from over 18,000 respondents, covering the country’s urban addressable market. The research was done in early 2020.



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